China Self-aligning Ball Bearings suppliers 鈼?Introduction Double row self aligning ball bearings consists of a spherical groove outer ring, a double groove inner ring, two rows of steel balls and a cage. As for the cage material, there are brass, steel and nylon. In design, the bearing has open type and sealed type. The outer ring channel surface is a spherical surface centered on the bearing center point, so it can be automatically adjusted to compensate for the angular deviation caused by the different axes of the two fulcrums of the shaft and the influence of the deflection of the shaft, but the maximum axis of the inner ring must not be inclined. greater than 3 degrees. The double row self aligning bearings mainly bears radial load, and can bear small axial load at the same time, and is usually not used to bear pure axial load. The axial displacement of the shaft is limited within the clearance limit, and the inner and outer periphery are allowed to work normally when the relative inclination is not large. The inner hole of the bearing has two types of K type, cylindrical and tapered. The taper of the conical bore is 1:12 or 1:30. In order to enhance the lubrication of the double row self aligning ball bearings, an annular oil groove and three oil holes are machined on the outer ring of the bearing. Self aligning ball bearings are mainly used in the occasions where the span of the support point is large and the coaxiality is not easy to guarantee, but the limit speed is not high. Bearings are suitable for precision instruments, low-noise motors, automobiles, motorcycles, metallurgy, rolling mills, mining, petroleum, papermaking, etc. and general machinery. 鈼?Bearing Series The types of the bearings include 12 series, 13 series, 22 series, 23 series, 112 series, 12..-K series, 13..-K series, 22..-K series, 23..-K series, 22..-2RS series, 23..-2RS series and 22..-K-2RS series. Brass cageSteel cagePA66 cage 鈼?Production Details 鈼?Processing method of bearing ring cutting After the bearing ring blank is manufactured, the main processing is done by the metal cutting method. The common methods in the bearing ring cutting process include turning, drilling, reaming, boring, grinding, superfinishing, etc. The turning process is usually The first link of the entire bearing ring cutting process, the bearing ring turning processing mostly adopts high-efficiency automatic (or semi-automatic) lathes, many of which are special-purpose lathes, or even automated turning production lines. 鈼?The data analysis method in production 1. Graphical method (arrangement diagram, histogram scatter diagram, etc.): It helps to analyze the problem and adopts suitable calculation method for further statistical analysis. 2. Control chart: It is used to monitor and control the production and measurement process of the product. 3. Experimental design: It is used to determine which variable has a significant effect on process and product performance, and to quantify this result. 4. Regression analysis: When production conditions or product design conditions change, it can provide a quantitative model for the changes in process or product characteristics. 5. Analysis of variance (separation of the observed variables): By analyzing the variable elements, it designs the sample structure for control charts, product performance and product delivery, and it is also the working basis for optimizing quality. 6. Sampling inspection method. 7. Statistical methods for inspection and testing, etc. 鈼?Steel Ball For ball bearings, the quality of the steel balls greatly affects the performance and service life of the bearings. During operation, with the rotation of the bearing cage, each steel ball in the bearing periodically passes through the bearing load-bearing area. At the same time, due to the small contact deformation area between the steel ball and the raceway, the cyclic stress amplitude on the surface of the steel ball is very large, which can reach 1500~5000MPa. Therefore, steel balls are subject to high cyclic stress during operation, and are prone to fatigue damage, and 50% to 60% of bearings are scrapped due to fatigue damage of steel balls. In addition, steel balls are also damaged by crushing and surface wear form. 鈼?Why Choose Us 鈼?Quick email response within 1 to 6 hours. 鈼?Provide free samples and technical drawings. 鈼?Complete quality control system and after-sales service. 鈼?Accept clients鈥?customized bearings and provide OEM service. 鈼?With good quality and competitive price, bearings are exported to more than 35 countries. 鈼?About Us Shaanxi Gainhui Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. is a professional bearing manufacturer and and distributor in china. Equipped with a professional large factory, we can supply competitive bearing products and OEM service to worldwide customers. With high quality, competitive price and great after-sale service of double row self aligning ball bearings, welcome to contact us in time. Because we are focused, we are professional. 鈼?Packing Methods Tube PackageSingle Box PackagePallet Package 鈼?Delivery Methods By ExpressBy SeaBy Air 鈼?Technical Parameters Bearing designationDimensions (mm)Basic dynamic load ratingBasic static load ratingComputing coefficientsFatigue load limitLimiting speedReference speedMass dDBrD1D2d1d2daDaraCrCoreY1Y2Y0CurnGnBm min.鈮?/p>鈮?/p>鈮?/p>鈮?/p>min.max.max.NN Nmin鈥?min鈥?鈮坘g 135-TVH51960.314.5鈥?/p>10.1鈥?/p>7.416.60.32 6004750.351.822.821.9129.536 00034 5000.01 126-TVH61960.314.5鈥?/p>10.1鈥?/p>8.416.60.32 6004750.351.822.821.9129.536 00041 5000.009 127-TVH72270.316.8鈥?/p>12.4鈥?/p>9.419.60.32 7505600.331.922.972.0134.536 00036 0000.014 108-TVH82270.316.8鈥?/p>12.4鈥?/p>10.619.40.32 7505600.331.922.972.0134.536 000鈥?/p>0.014 129-TVH92680.620鈥?/p>14.5鈥?/p> 9508000.321.953.012.045032 00032 5000.022 1200-TVH103090.623.5鈥?/p>16.3鈥?/p> 70011800.321.953.022.057330 00030 0000.034 2200-2RS-TVH1030140.6鈥?/p>25.9鈥?/p> 70011800.321.953.022.057318 000鈥?/p>0.053 2200-TVH1030140.624.2鈥?/p>15.1鈥?/p> 80017300.581.091.691.1410728 00029 0000.045 1201-TVH1232100.625.4鈥?/p>18.2鈥?/p> 70012600.371.692.621.777830 00029 0000.041 2201-2RS-TVH1232140.6鈥?/p>27.9鈥?/p> 70012600.371.692.621.777817 000鈥?/p>0.058 2201-TVH1232140.626.2鈥?/p>17.1鈥?/p> 40019200.531.21.851.2512026 00026 0000.05 1202-TVH1535110.629.2鈥?/p>20.2鈥?/p> 70017300.341.862.881.9510826 00026 0000.048 2202-2RS-TVH1535140.6鈥?/p>31鈥?/p>1919.230.80.67 70017300.341.862.881.9510815 000鈥?/p>0.061 2202-TVH1535140.629.5鈥?/p>20.3鈥?/p> 60020800.461.372.131.4413024 00021 9000.057 2302-TVH154217134.8鈥?/p>22.5鈥?/p>20.636.4117 00037000.511.231.911.2923218 00018 6000.111 1203-TVH1740120.632.3鈥?/p>23.7鈥?/p> 10020000.331.932.992.0312422 00023 6000.073 2203-2RS-TVH1740160.6鈥?/p>34.3鈥?/p>21.721.235.80.68 10020000.331.932.992.0312414 000鈥?/p>0.098 2203-TVH1740160.634.1鈥?/p>23.9鈥?/p> 80027500.461.372.121.4317119 00019 3000.054 1303-TVH174714137.3鈥?/p>26.7鈥?/p>22.641.4112 90031500.321.9432.0319718 00018 5000.065 2303-2RS-TVH1747191鈥?/p>40.3鈥?/p>23.922.641.4112 90031500.321.9432.0319711 000鈥?/p>0.175 2303-TVH174719137.3鈥?/p>26.2鈥?/p>22.641.4113 90031500.531.191.851.2519717 00016 9000.155 1204-K-TVH-C3204714138.1鈥?/p>29.2鈥?/p>25.641.4110 10026000.282.243.462.3416118 00020 7000.116 1204-TVH204714138.1鈥?/p>29.2鈥?/p>25.641.4110 10026000.282.243.462.3416118 00020 7000.118 2204-2RS-TVH2047181鈥?/p>41.7鈥?/p>25.925.641.4110 10026000.282.243.462.3416111 000鈥?/p>0.151 2204-TVH204718139.5鈥?/p>28鈥?/p>25.641.4114 70035000.441.452.241.5121917 00017 4000.134 1304-TVH2052151.141.9鈥?/p>31.6鈥?/p>2745112 70033000.292.173.352.2720616 00016 1000.163 2304-2RS-TVH2052211.1鈥?/p>45.2鈥?/p>27.22745112 70033000.292.173.352.2720610 000鈥?/p>0.23 2304-TVH2052211.141.5鈥?/p>29.1鈥?/p>2745117 60042500.511.231.91.2926516 00016 4000.206 1205-K-TVH-C3255215143.9鈥?/p>33.3鈥?/p>30.646.4112 30032500.272.373.662.4820316 00018 1000.135 1205-TVH255215143.9鈥?/p>33.3鈥?/p>30.646.4112 30032500.272.373.662.4820316 00018 1000.138 2205-2RS-TVH2552181鈥?/p>46.3鈥?/p>30.730.646.4112 30032500.272.373.662.482039 500鈥?/p>0.161 2205-K-2RS-TVH-C32552181鈥?/p>46.3鈥?/p>30.730.646.4112 30032500.272.373.662.482039 500鈥?/p>0.157 2205-K-TVH-C3255218144.7鈥?/p>32.3鈥?/p>30.646.4117 30044000.351.782.751.8627515 00014 9000.152 2205-TVH255218144.7鈥?/p>32.3鈥?/p>30.646.4117 30044000.351.782.751.8627515 00014 9000.156 1305-K-TVH-C32562171.150.8鈥?/p>38.1鈥?/p>3255118 30049500.282.293.542.431014 00013 9000.254 1305-TVH2562171.150.8鈥?/p>38.1鈥?/p>3255118 30049500.282.293.542.431014 00013 9000.258 2305-2RS-TVH2562241.1鈥?/p>53.2鈥?/p>33.53255118 30049500.282.293.542.43108 000鈥?/p>0.367 2305-K-TVH-C32562241.150.1鈥?/p>35.5鈥?/p>3255125 00065000.481.322.041.3840513 00014 1000.328 2305-TVH2562241.150.1鈥?/p>35.5鈥?/p>3255125 00065000.481.322.041.3840513 00014 1000.335 1206-K-TVH-C3306216151.9鈥?/p>40.1鈥?/p>35.656.4115 90046000.252.533.912.6528514 00015 4000.217 1206-TVH306216151.9鈥?/p>40.1鈥?/p>35.656.4115 90046000.252.533.912.6528514 00015 4000.221 2206-2RS-TVH3062201鈥?/p>54.3鈥?/p>37.335.656.4115 90046000.252.533.912.652858 000鈥?/p>0.274 2206-K-2RS-TVH-C33062201鈥?/p>54.3鈥?/p>37.335.656.4115 90046000.252.533.912.652858 000鈥?/p>0.268 2206-K-TVH-C3306220154鈥?/p>38.5鈥?/p>35.656.4126 00069000. 00012 7000.246 2206-TVH306220154鈥?/p>38.5鈥?/p>35.656.4126 00069000. 00012 7000.252 1306-K-TVH-C33072191.159.4鈥?/p>45鈥?/p>3765121 70063000.262.393.712.5139011 00012 2000.379 1306-TVH3072191.159.4鈥?/p>45鈥?/p>3765121 70063000.262.393.712.5139011 00012 2000.384 2306-2RS-TVH3072271.1鈥?/p>63鈥?/p>40.63765121 70063000.262.393.712.513906 700鈥?/p>0.554 2306-K-TVH-C33072271.159.3鈥?/p>41.5鈥?/p>3765132 50087000.451.42.171.4754010 00012 3000.476 2306-TVH3072271.159.3鈥?/p>41.5鈥?/p>3765132 50087000.451.42.171.4754010 00012 3000.488 For more data, please click the download button at the top of this page to download the catalogue.China Self-aligning Ball Bearings suppliers website: