Folding Mask suppliers The high-quality KN95 medical buckle cover has a filtration efficiency of 95%-lightweight design, soft and comfortable foam, adjustable nose clip and adjustable elastic band-our N95 medical mask can provide a safe seal, providing maximum for the medical industry Protection-safety and breathability. Overview: The first layer of 50-60 grams of SSS non-woven fabric The second layer of 95-99 grade melt blown cloth The third layer of 95-99 grade melt blown cloth The fourth layer of 40-60 grams of ES100 hot air cotton The fifth layer 20-30 grams of SSS skin-friendly non-woven fabric Features: Using superfine fiber electrostatic melt blown cloth composite ES hot air cotton, PP spunbond non-woven fabric to form a five-layer heavy filter layer, more effective filtering of harmful substances, in line with national standards. The 3D three-dimensional shape is designed according to the human face engineering to ensure the tightness and increase the respiratory dissolution of the mask, which greatly improves the air permeability, making wearing and breathing more comfortable Three-dimensional grid High-density isolation of harmful gases such as dust Built-in nose strip Easy adjustment Reduce the inhalation of harmful gases 6 steps to wear KN95 medical mask correctly 1. Wear KN95 mask and wash hands first If you wear a mask, you must know how to use it and handle it properly. Before putting on a mask, clean your hands with alcohol-based hand cream or soap and water. Cover your mouth and nose with a mask and make sure that there are no gaps between your face and the mask. Avoid touching the mask when using it; if you do, use an alcohol-based hand cream or soap and water to clean your hands. Replace wet masks as soon as possible, and do not reuse disposable masks. Remove the mask: remove it from the back (do not touch the front of the mask); immediately discard it in a closed trash can; clean your hands with alcohol-based hand cream or soap and water. 2. It is necessary to check whether the mask is damaged. If it is damaged, it must be replaced in time. 3. When wearing it, two ropes need to be passed around the head in turn, the first rope is downward on the back of the head, and the second rope is upward on the head. 4. You need to press your fingers against the nostrils, match the mask with the model of the bridge of the nose, and make it fit perfectly. 5. You need to cover both sides of your mask with your hands, and then you can clearly feel the size change of the mask after breathing. 6. If you feel obvious breathing difficulties or increased resistance when breathing, you must replace one. CE EN:14683 Type IIR China standard: YY 0469-2011Folding Mask suppliers website: