Paper Pulp Deslagging Machine price Product Introduction Automatic paper pulp high density cleaner is Used to remove all kinds of heavy rejects in pulp. Optimized feed chamber and double-cone structure can produce stronger vortex with obvious low band, which is beneficial to impurities being able to through separate from accepts. Cone body made of ceramic can efficiently extend the service life of inner cones. Features 1. Extra large observation window, intuitive and simple operation control; 2. The separation cone has a long cone angle and high slag removal efficiency; 3. The concentration of deslagging is between 2-5%; 4. The cone is made of wear-resistant ceramic material with long service life; 5. Special quick-open slag discharge control valve, full slag discharge, easy to operate. Buying Guides Please tell us the following details for quick quotation: 1. What's the capacity or throughput? 2. What's the inlet consistency/ concentration (%)? 3. What's the pressure of inlet pulp (Mpa)? 4. What's the pressure of output pulp (Mpa)? Our Service * Inquiry and consulting support within 24 hours. * Sample testing support. * View our Factory. * Training how to install the machine, training how to use the machine.Paper Pulp Deslagging Machine price website: